Free Federation, Free Society!

Leah Rowe

I am the president of Libreland, and you are reading my personal blog.

I am the founder and lead developer of the libreboot and osboot projects. You can find out more about my work on those websites. I have a general interest in computer programming and electronics, and I am an avid Free Software activist. I am also an avid Vim user.


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UK LGBT rights are in serious jeopardy 30 January 2023

How to self-host servers in your living room on static IPs 29 November 2022

1337box, an insanely optimized CSS-only, no-JS lightbox implementation 19 December 2021 (updated on 24 December 2021)

I’ve come out as non-binary 6 December 2021

Better respect for non-binary people, in defense of human rights 2 December 2021

Cults are bad 23 November 2021

The Matrix is about transgender people. Neo is transgender 14 September 2018

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