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Leah Rowe

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If you’re looking for non-GeNUine Boot, to go instead. The site you’re on now is my personal blog.

I am the founder and lead developer of the libreboot project, and several other projects. You can find out more about my work on those websites. I have a general interest in computer programming and electronics. I am an avid Libre Software activist. I like to tinker with various Linux distros and OpenBSD.

I am also an avid Vim user. Vim is simply the best text editor ever made. It is highly extensible and powerful, yet also minimal and terse, with a very correct ideology behind how the software is developed (conservative set of features and project goals, keep things the same over time, but with incremental improvements so as to cause the least amount of surprise); this ideology is either lacking in other editors, or those editors are technically inferior to Vim.


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Genocide is bad 19 October 2023

Fascism is bad 27 July 2023

The Emperor’s Old Clothes 21 June 2023

Hypocrisy is bad 22 March 2023

There is no such thing as “middle class” 13 February 2023

How to self-host servers in your living room on static IPs 29 November 2022

1337box, an insanely optimized CSS-only, no-JS lightbox implementation 19 December 2021 (updated on 24 December 2021)

I’ve come out as non-binary 6 December 2021

Better respect for non-binary people, in defense of human rights 2 December 2021

Cults are bad 23 November 2021

The Matrix is about transgender people. Neo is transgender 14 September 2018

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