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My name is Leah Rowe. I’m a 29 year old software developer. I’m the founder and lead developer of libreboot and osboot project in addition to Untitled, the static site generator used to generate this Markdown blog into HTML pages!

I’m an avid Vim user. I strongly advocate for the use of Free Software everywhere. To that end, I use only Free Software. I run libreboot/osboot and GNU+Linux on all of my computers. This website that you are reading now, is hosted on a server running Libreboot and Debian GNU+Linux. It is the same server that hosts!

I dabble in art and hope one day to do it professionally. I also dabble in electronics. I also run a transgender chatroom which you can learn more about on (I’m transgender myself, and I own that website)

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Free trade October 9th, 2021

Sketch: An alien lands on earth 7 August 2021

Political ambiguity 12 May 2021

I am no longer a communist, and I never was. 2021-03-30

Free Firmware Song (aka Libreboot Theme Song) 2020-11-15

Gallery of all art work published on 2019-02-23

Archer fan art: Archer after a long weekend in the swiss alps 2019-02-13

Fan art of Richard Stallman 2019-02-08

Fan art (Dragon Ball): Goku and Chi-chi meet for the first time 2019-01-30

Experimental art: putting things into perspective 2019-01-30

Fan art (WIP): I’m working on a Dragon Ball montage 2019-01-24

Fan art: Bulma from Dragon Ball 2019-01-23

More JoJo fan art: Driving to the train station 2019-01-22

Thank you hbomberguy for raising more than 250,000 USD for Mermaids UK! 2019-01-21

More JoJo fan art: Prosciutto and Pesci show their brotherly love 2019-01-20

Fan art: Where are Rick and Morty? The 1000 piece puzzle set! 2019-01-15

My feelings about Star Trek: Discovery season 2 expressed in drawing 2019-01-15

Non-fan art: Pokemon and Adventure time 2019-01-15

Dragon Maid fan art: Tohru helps Goku find the dragon balls 2019-01-14

Death Note fan art: Raito and Ryuk’s relationship is complicated 2019-01-14

More One Punch Man fan art: Mosquito Lady 2019-01-14

One Punch Rick 2019-01-10

I really like the One Punch Man anime (and also Rick and Morty) 2019-01-10

I really like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (SPOILERS! SEASON 4) 2019-01-05

My experience with gender reassignment surgery, and my trip to Thailand, part 3 2019-01-02

My experience with gender reassignment surgery, and my trip to Thailand, part 2 2018-10-11

My experience with gender reassignment surgery, and my trip to Thailand, part 1 2018-10-11

New artwork: Usagi from Sailor Moon 2018-09-29

My experience going through Gender Reassignment Surgery 2018-09-29

My journey coming out as transgender, 2.5 years later 2018-09-21

The Matrix is about transgender people. Neo is a trans woman. My thoughts 2018-09-14

Fashion and the beauty industry are the enemy of self-esteem 2018-09-12

Why you should boycott Harry Potter and any other work by J.K. Rowling 2018-09-07

I had the balls to do this. August 1st, 2018 1 August 2018

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