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My name is Leah Rowe. I'm a 26 year old software developer. I'm also a Libreboot developer and project founder.

I also run this transgender support group, having came out as transgender myself:

Hobbies include cycling, swimming, computer programming, and recently, cooking. I'm experimenting with a new site for my weird recipes

I am an avid vim user. My .vimrc setup is here: vim.html. I also strongly advocate for the use of Free Software everywhere. To that end, I use only Free Software: my operating system on all systems I own is Debian GNU+Linux, and I also use Libreboot on every system. Even my router is free software: it runs debian and libreboot, and I configured it myself. It powers my network, and also keeps my servers online.

Use Libreboot. Use Debian GNU+Linux. Use Vim.
Use Free Software, free as in freedom. Delete your Windows or Mac OS, and install GNU+Linux!

Leah Rowe says: Respect transgender people! Some of us run the software projects that you use! WE WILL ONE DAY RUN YOUR GOVERNMENT.

Leah Rowe also says: If you're a UK citizen, please vote for the Labour Party in the 2017 June 8 General Election! Our national health service, schools, civil service, public transportation, legal aid, infrastructure, welfare, LGBT rights, womens rights and everything else we take for granted is at risk of being *deleted* by a Conservative government.

Living in the UK? Use this ISP: Andrews & Arnold Ltd... Netherlands? Use XS4ALL. Both are very good, provide decent quality of service and respect the freedom/privacy of their users. They don't censor any websites.

I now have a video blog!