Join us now, and use my .vimrc!

You'll be productive!

Use GNU Software! -- Use Libreboot! -- Use Vim! -- Use Debian GNU+Linux! -- Also here's the Linux kernel site

I am an avid vim user. My .vimrc setup is here: vim.html. I also strongly advocate for the use of Free Software everywhere. To that end, I use only Free Software: my operating system on all systems I own is Debian GNU+Linux, and I also use Libreboot on every system. Even my router is free software: it runs debian and libreboot, and I configured it myself. It powers my network, and also keeps my servers online.

I now have a video blog!

My name is Leah Rowe. I'm a 29 year old software developer. I'm also a Libreboot developer and project founder.

I'm also a skilled artist. I've recently got back into drawing

This website is lovingly cobbled together in non-standards compliant HTML, written very hap hazardly and hosted on a shitty old barely-working laptop that I also run a mail server on.

I also run this transgender support group, having came out as transgender myself:

Hobbies include cycling, swimming, computer programming, and recently, cooking. You can find recipes on my blog

Use Libreboot. Use Debian GNU+Linux. Use Vim.
Use Free Software, free as in freedom. Delete your Windows or Mac OS, and install GNU+Linux!

Leah Rowe says: Respect transgender people! Some of us run the software projects that you use