Help Leah get Gender Reassignment Surgery!

Donations received so far: 12055.68 GBP as of 2018-07-17 (20,000 GBP needed by August 2018) (fundraiser began on 2018-04-14)

Thank you for taking an interest in me. My name is Leah Rowe. I’m a 26 year old British trans woman, living in the UK. After a lifetime of repression and denial, I came out as transgender, in June 2016; I began living full-time as my true self for the first time.

Transitioning has done wonders to my mental health. I’m happier, more energetic, more sociable - I even have friends. But I still don’t have a vagina. I’ve dreamed of having one since I was very young. I can’t look at myself in the mirror without feeling distress. I need surgery, so that I can be happy. At this stage in my life, it’s all that matters to me.

I registered with the Suporn Clinic, which is located in Thailand and is one of the best centres for genital surgery on earth. I paid a small deposit, and my surgery with this clinic is booked for August 2018.

The problem? I’m heavily in debt, and I can’t afford to pay the rest of the costs for the surgery. I need your help. If you help me, you’ll be saving my life, and making my life worth living. I need surgery.

The reason I’m in debt: 2 years ago, I paid 90,000 USD to Raptor Engineering, to port the ASUS KGPE-D16 and KCMA-D8 to Libreboot. The Free Software Foundation, an organisation critical to the advancement of Free Software, now uses libre D16 servers, running Libreboot, to power their servers. This includes I also paid 4000 AUD to another person (Damien Zammit) to port the Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L and Intel D510MO. Libreboot is a free software project, for the boot firmware on a computer system, which loads your operating system. This project has huge social benefit, and I have been funding this from my own personal income. This has come at a cost: I cannot afford to pay for my own surgery. That’s how much I believe in Libreboot. At the time, I thought I’d still have the money for surgery by now, but I don’t.

I’ve tried everything to raise the money myself, but I’ve failed. For 2 years, I’ve worked relentlessly hard to make enough money to pay for it, to the point of neglecting many of my projects, including Libreboot which I’m the founder of. I also run an info site and support group for other transgender people, at With mere months remaining, I don’t have any of the money.

I want to be able to love my body and myself. Most other people have this privilege. I won’t be able to love myself until I have surgery. At this point, I’m desperate.

Even if it’s only a small amount, any amount will help. I don’t even want to think about my future if I fail to get my surgery. I can’t wait another 5 years. I want to be able to focus on my passions in life, without worrying about my genitalia. Will you help me?

How to donate


I haven’t yet set up a bitcoin wallet, but I plan to have one soon, and publish the address here. For now, I accept donations via wire transfer:

Wire transfer (BACS, SEPA, SWIFT etc)

Any currency is possible (e.g. EUR, USD, CHF, GBP etc). When the money is received, my bank will automatically convert it to GBP for me.

If possible, I’d prefer to receive donations directly in GBP. If you’re using another currency, you could your currency to GBP the price using and then send that amount in GBP. Having said that, I will still receive your donation if you send money in another currency besides GBP.

Go to your bank, and ask them to transfer the desired amount to the following bank account:

If using SEPA, or international wire transfer (if your bank account is not in the UK):

In case your bank asks for it:

(the BIC or Swift number might reveal an address located in Swindon. This is also correct. Specifically: Nationwide Building Society, Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon, SN38 1NW)

Alternatively, you could also use a service such as; they can handle the wire transfer for you. TransferWise has much lower transaction fees (for international wire transfers) than most banks. If you’re using TransferWise, make sure to send the amount in GBP.

If you’re in the UK, using TransferWise isn’t necessary. Your banking provider will make the transfer via BACS, without charging a transaction fee.

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