Fan art (Dragon Ball): Goku and Chi-chi meet for the first time

Leah Rowe


News article published on 2019-01-30 by Leah Rowe. Return to index

I love Dragon Ball, and I had a lot of fun drawing this.

First, I made sure to get goku and chi-chi right:

Then I did the background scenery:

The style of drawing used in Dragon Ball is very simple. I jazzed it up a bit and made it look slightly more 3D while still keeping faithful to the distinct Dragon Ball style.

Dragon Ball is one of my favourite cartoons of all time, though I only like the first one. I don’t like any of its sequels, and this includes DBZ.

I like the original Dragon Ball because, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not actually a kids show at heart and isn’t about violence or Good vs Evil. Rather, it’s more or less a cartoon adapted version of Buddhist teachings. I don’t practise this lifestyle myself, but I follow some of its doctrines in my daily life, and I really like Dragon Ball’s subtle references to it. They are littered throughout the show.

The show, unlike sequels, focuses on Goku’s friendships with others and the emphasis in the show is about harmony, and world peace. Most of the episodes aren’t even violent. I also really like Goku’s personality. He’s care free, and has a purehearted mind that is devoid of greed or personal ambition; he is non chalant and that’s exactly what I like about him.

If you, dear reader, haven’t watched Dragon Ball, I highly recommend that you watch it. The English dub or original Japanese version are both equally good. However, the Japanese version gives the flying nimbus (called kinto-un in the Japanese version) it’s very own theme song! And that is why you should watch the Japanese version. It’s in a later episode, and it’s so fucking cute.


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