Free trade

Leah Rowe

October 9th, 2021

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Abolish VAT (raise income tax instead). It acts as a barrier to trade, and it disproportionately affects those on lower incomes.

Abolish all import taxes/tariffs.

Abolish all trade barriers both national and international, both import and export.

Abolish exploiting cheap overseas labour. Hire and train local people instead, and pay a decent wage.

Encourage Right to Repair. Promote true ownership of property, and give people the tools they need to assume maximum power over their lives.

Don’t wait for other countries to do the same, just do it and watch others copy as they see the benefit of allowing their citizens to trade freely and control their own lives.

Do not punish or regulate creative and intellectual talent. Instead, nurture it.

Free university education for all (funded by taxes). Focus on arts and sciences. Provide the best possible education to raise up the next generation.

Abolish the European Union. Just have individual European nation states. Abolish the unelected bureaucrats of the European Commission and Council of Ministers. Instead, let Europe become a beacon of Free Trade (instead of the EU’s rampant protectionism). Freedom of movement is possible without the bureaucracy; just let people/goods in/out. It’s good for business.

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