European Nation States, not EU Member States

Leah Rowe

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 22 April 2023

The text of this article was originally written on the article titled There is no such thing as middle class, but it was completely off-topic in that article so I’ve moved it to its own article. The date of this publication is 22 April 2023, but the text below was written on 13 February 2023:

My turn to the dark side

My politics align with the center-right of British politics, economically, with a strong libertarian streak; low tax, high growth, less government, let people run their own lives - that sort of thing - and I’m strongly liberal (basically libertarian) on social issues. I joined the Conservative party last year.

I left the Labour party in 2018, and briefly joined the Communist Party in protest of Labour’s anti-Brexit agenda that it had (and still has). I’ve never actually had leftwing economic views, though I deluded myself back then, and I’ve always been what leftwing people call “progressive” (I call it libertarian) on social issues, so it sort of worked for me for a while, but I snapped out of it later. I’m a strong believer in Brexit (as is the communist party, though for different reasons than mine), because I believe in democracy (communists believe in the exact opposite, and the EU is competition to them, so they want that “obstacle” removed, so they can rule instead, and be a whole lot worse about it), and the EU’s apparatus of state consists of an unelected executive (the Commission), unelected Senate (Council of Ministers), a ruinous fiscal policy (single currency and the European Central Bank) and an ineffective “parliament” that cannot actually initiate legislation on its own - it can only vote on legislation initiated by the Commission, which in practise can do whatever it wants (at the time of this article, the leader of the commission is Ursula von der Leyen, a German lady from Angela Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union, or Christlich Demokratische Union as it’s called in Germany - a funny concept in and of itself, since scripture says that manmade rule is against god’s will; das ist mir Wurst).

I call her “Little Ms. Hitler”, purely for my own amusement, because she is an unelected bureaucrat, too comfortable with the privilege of being able to say this is how it’s going to be - it’s how the EU operates. The commission makes law with barely any accountability, democratic wills of nation states be damned. The fact that the EU’s rulers are largely benevolent in practise, is besides the point - benevolent dictatorship is still dictatorship, and it should be deleted from existence. I wish to see the European Union disappear one day, because I believe in this one simple mantra:

European nation states, not member states. The diversity of culture and vibrant history of Europe has been tainted since the 1950s, when the underpinnings of what later became the EU first took hold. The purpose of the EU, in my view, is to be so big that smaller states have little to no say whatsoever. It is designed to be a giant state that controls its citizens, with little to no democratic oversight. The fact that it is also highly successful (economically) is besides the point. I just don’t like giant unelected governments, which is basically what the EU is in all but name (they gaslight you in the media, by trying to make you think the European Union is not effectively a nation state, when it is).

Did you want me to write more? Well, tough luck. Have a wonderful day!

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