I am no longer a communist, and I never was.

Leah Rowe


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UPDATE: follow-up article, posted on May 12th, 2021:
political ambiguity

I had a much longer version of this article, in the form of a passionate rant on IRC. I’ve been shitposting a lot today, on IRC.

I have reverted back to being a social democrat. In truth, I never left that position. However: all political parties are shit, so I choose not to be a member of any parties.

I used to be a member of the Labour party, a centre-left party in the UK. I have many fond memories of my time in the Labour party, but there is one thing that I always strongly disagree with:

Labour party is strongly pro-EU, even now, and a future Labour government might even put the UK back into the European Union as a member state. I oppose the EU as an institution because it is anti-democratic:

Disclaimer: I do believe in freedom of movement of people and goods/services. I believe that people should be able to live wherever they like, and trade in goods/services with as few restrictions as possible (so long as they’re not harming anyone’s health/life while doing so)

I support Brexit because I believe in democracy. I want my government to be held accountable. If it is subject to rulings by the EU commission/parliament, then it is not accountable to me or anyone else living in the UK. I have no way to boot out the German Christian Democrat party from power if it fucks up the UK by getting a law pushed through the European parliament that is bad for the UK.

The Communist Party in the UK is largely anti-EU for similar reasons, and they are left-wing: I am also left-wing and believe in Brexit, so I joined them but I also believe in freedom… so, cognitive dissonance. They also believe in:

Anyway, I believe in heavily decentralized state apparatus; basically, I do not believe in heavily centralized government at all. I want everyone to have maximum freedom of speech and ability to run their own lives and I believe that people should band together to run their own communities in the interests of said communities.

This is why I believe in decentralized authority. The smaller the constituency base, the more accountable that local authority becomes. Switzerland is a somewhat good example of such a state; it is highly decentralized and implements direct democracy as opposed to representative democracy.

Communist parties are authoritarian when they come to power, and they offer no freedom for anyone; you must submit to their dogma, or face the consequences. I don’t believe in that. Even if you agree with them, they can still punish you for whatever reason and call you an enemy of the people; they will cancel you. Just read 1984 by George Orwell. That’s communism.

I’ve woken the fuck up and once again oppose it.

They are a cult, and I got sucked into one of them. I recently snapped out of it. I used to have articles about communism on this blog. They have been deleted. I no longer hold those views. I’m actually disgusted that I ever held such views.

I want people I disagree with to exist, so that I can argue with them. The only time I’d ever want someone punished is if they actually caused harm. So for example, hate speech should always be illegal. I enjoy having political debates with people. I want to keep having that freedom.

I suppose you could probably consider me an anarchist? I generally am anti-state and want more freedoms for normal people. I do believe in things like universal access to good healthcare, education etc and I believe that in general, people should have the right to dignity, freedom of speech/thought, right to read, freedom to a community… basically I believe in civil liberties. We as people can form communities to protect each other, and provide each other services that we need (or desire). Right now what we have in the UK is not ideal at all; huge corporations run our lives, and our civil liberties are under constant attack by a ruthlessly authoritarian Conservative government.

At the very least: I would not describe myself as a capitalist per se. The term libertarian socialist almost describes me, but not quite.

I don’t know what I am, and I think that’s the best way to be. I hope to stay this way forever. Though I can say that I am still on the leftwing spectrum. (left wing politics is a huge spectrum with many diverse opinions)

I am Leah Rowe. I believe in myself and my friends. That’s all really!

That is all.

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